How to Write an Academic Research Paper

It is crucial to follow the instructions when writing an academic research paper. A lot of students overlook this step. It is also important to understand what the assignment will be about. It may be a brief report, an opinion article or even an appendix in certain cases. Once you have this information you’ll be competent to write an academic research paper that is in line with all the requirements set by the professor.


A peer-reviewed academic research paper is an article that has been vetted by a board of editors or group of experts. Articles that have been referred to have a number of important aspects, including word count, language clarity and formatting. It also contains an abstract, author’s credentials and information on research-funded research.

Peer-reviewing is a crucial element in the process of publishing. It ensures that papers are of the highest quality. It provides authors with helpful feedback, which they can utilize to improve their writing prior to publication. It is recommended to create a collaborative process where authors can engage in constructive discussions with each other in order to improve their work. It doesn’t matter what journal you’re planning to publish your article in it is essential that you know how to make the most of this process. Peer review is vital to maintaining high standards in scholarly communication as in ensuring the integrity of the individual journals. Peer review also provides valuable assistance and guidance to authors.

A peer-reviewed publication is one that has undergone a rigorous process of review. This process ensures that articles published in peer-reviewed journals meet the standards of excellence expected in their field. A peer-reviewed piece of work is more likely to be scientifically sound. Other researchers can expand on the research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Opinion articles

Although many journals welcome opinions, they do not accept unsolicited submissions. Opinion pieces are short, readable articles that present a specific point of view on a specific subject. Some publications refer to opinion pieces as short editorials , and allow debate on important issues. These articles are usually between 1,000 and 2,000 words long, do not contain references, and do not include an abstract. They can only include five sources, and are not allowed to include tables or figures.

Opinion articles are written by an author to express their personal views on a topic. While they’re usually brief however, they should still offer an objective view. Their primary goal is to encourage healthy debates regarding new research. They facilitate discussion about the possible implications of new research findings. They can also provide an entirely new approach to an old issue.

Short reports

Short reports are a format for reporting research results to a certain audience in a brief amount of time. They typically are around one or two pages but they can also include several pages of information in the form of attachments. These reports are commonly used in business, science, journalism and many other fields. Short reports differ from ordinary research papers in their purpose and length. They are typically used to convey the results of original research, like those from scientific research that are time-sensitive.

Although the main body of a brief report should be concise however, it should be clear and simple to understand. It should also be appropriate to the purpose of the research. A brief report should be no more than 2500 words. In addition to the body of the report A brief Introduction and a short description of Methods are required. A conclusion is optional.


The purpose of the appendix to an academic research paper is to provide readers with supplementary information. It can include questionnaires, surveys, raw data or even interviews. If you include this information, it should be clearly labeled. Also, it is important to provide the source of the information, and a brief description of the information should be included for the reader.

The title of the appendix must be formatted exactly the same manner as the other sections, using the same font style. The title should also be written in all capital letters, using sentence or title case.

Finding sources

There are many ways to find academic research papers sources. The Internet is a buy essay online reviews fantastic way to find information. The library has computers that can be used to browse their catalogs. You can make use of Boolean operators to narrow your search, which is great if you need a specific kind of source. Search engines can also be used however it is essential to exercise caution when using sources on the Internet.

There are two kinds of sources: primary and secondary. Primary sources give the firsthand account of an incident, whereas secondary sources offer a more detailed account. Primary sources may include eyewitness reports, medical research done by original researchers, and historical documents. Secondary sources usually include footnotes and bibliographies.